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Important Messages
Cloquet Public Library's Summer Reading Challenge allows you to set your own reading goals while the Library encourages you to meet those goals by offering incentives along the way. Check out our many new and popular titles, as well as music, movies and our exciting schedule of activities and programs for kids throughout the summer.
Keep track of your reading progress by books or pages read. Prizes will be awarded at these book levels or page levels:

· 15 books or 750 pages

· 30 books or 1500 pages

· 45 books or 2250 pages

· 60 books or 3000 pages

· 75 books or 3500 pages

· 100 books or 4000 pages

· 125+ books or 5000+ pages

Independent readers can record their own progress, and parents of preschoolers can register as a family and keep track of each child's progress separately. As in previous years, younger children will receive credit for books read aloud to them.

Please take the time to write a brief review of the books you read. Other children will enjoy what you have to say and may decide to read one of your picks. Enjoy!
Cloquet Public Library
This was an ok book. It was really easy to read.  Cloquet Public Library
Fish Eyes
Lois Ehlert
Cloquet Public Library
The mouse and the bear are so nice to each other.   Cloquet Public Library
Merry Christmas, Big Hungry Bear!
Don and Audrey Wood